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Via Rail Canada (LRT Train Station) January, 2016
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Currently underway, construction of new LRT platforms and overpass structures will result in extensive changes to Train Station.

Train Station provides important connections to intercity (VIA) passenger rail service and to potential commuter rail service. Access to adjacent employment lands to the east is also provided, and potential integration with a planned Queensway pedestrian overpass can be provided, allowing for access to development on the north side of the Queensway (Baseball Stadium, Overbrook community). Existing pedestrian and cycling connections to the east and west would be maintained.

The recommended design for Train Station follows the approved “Diagonal” design option. This option eliminates the existing sharp curves east of the station, which are not suitable for LRT operation and straightens the alignment in front of the station. The existing BRT platforms, Tremblay Road and east station driveway overpass structures would be demolished, with new LRT platforms and overpass structures built along the new alignment. The existing west station driveway can be maintained, which will allow access into the VIA rail station to be maintained during construction. 120-metre LRT platforms in a side- platform configuration, expandable to 180-metre long LRT platforms to accommodate six-car trains in the future would be provided. One access point located approximately at the mid-point of the LRT platforms would be provided, linking the LRT station with the VIA rail station and Tremblay Road via a covered walkway. It is proposed that the existing pedestrian bridge spanning the Transitway be relocated and re-used to span the LRT tracks at the access point. Others could construct a future connection from the east end of the LRT platforms. Elevators, escalators and stairs would provide access between ground level and the LRT platforms, located within the existing “bowl” in front of the VIA rail station.

(Excerpt from Report to Transit Committee and Council, December 9, 2009 — Downtown Ottawa Transit Tunnnel (DOTT) Planning & Environmental Assessment Study - Recommended Plan)
Via Rail Land Development
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Ottawa Via Rail lands to be developed

According to a CBC News article posted April 8, 2010, shops, homes and offices could soon surround Ottawa's passenger train station.

Via Rail has selected Canderel Property Management as a partner to help it develop about 3.4 hectares of its 9.3-hectare property on Tremblay Road, east of downtown Ottawa. . .

Have you noticed more Via Rail trains rumbling past your house lately? You're not imagining things. Via has increased the frequency of trains between Ottawa and Montreal..

It’s All About Speed, Frequency and Convenience
Via Rail Canada Evolution Blog, February 2, 2012 — VIA introduced a new schedule on January 24, 2012. This schedule shortens the trip time for some of the most popular routes in the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto triangle where 50% of our passenger traffic happens. New frequencies are introduced to better meet the needs of travellers. Of particular note is the introduction of an express train between Ottawa and Toronto leaving both cities at 17:00 and making the journey in less than 4 hours. Combined with VIA’s world-class mobile Wi-Fi service, this trip is now shorter and more productive than ever before.

Improved VIA Rail schedules: More departures - More passengers

Additional Montreal-Ottawa & Ottawa-Toronto departures -
NEW express trains: Ottawa-Toronto in 3 hours 57 minutes -

MONTREAL, Dec. 20, 2011 /CNW Telbec/ —
In response to customer demand, VIA Rail Canada will introduce new schedules in the Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto triangle, effective January 24, 2012. These important changes will attract some 100,000 new passengers annually. The increased ridership will lead to an increase in revenues of several million dollars per year. This will reduce the need for government operating funding, good news for Canadian taxpayers.

Passengers on VIA's new Ottawa-Toronto express trains will make the non-stop journey in just three hours and 57 minutes. These new trains will operate every day except Saturday, leaving Toronto and Ottawa in late afternoon.

Customers will also have the option of a new late evening departure from Ottawa for Montreal (Sunday through Friday), allowing them to extend their stay in Ottawa beyond the dinner hour. Ottawa-bound travellers from Montreal will also have more end-of-day choices.

Passengers travelling from Montreal to Toronto will be offered two new trains, bringing the total number of weekday departures to Toronto to ten.