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An Eastway Gardens Sunset
Known to residents as Ottawa's Hidden Gem, the tiny community of Eastway Gardens is bordered by the Rideau River to the west and St. Laurent Boulevard to the east, and is sandwiched between Coventry Road to the north and Belfast Road to the south. Here you'll find the Via Rail Train Station, office buildings, some of the largest stores in the city, and residential streets all named with letters of the alphabet. Nearby bus stops andTransit Stations serve residents and the many workers and shoppers who flock into the neighbourhood daily. Two future LRT Stations at Train and St. Laurent Shopping Centre will even better serve our neighbourhood. The Queensway runs smack down the middle of it, providing quick access to downtown.
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May 16, 2016 — Homeowners on Avenue O and Avenue P arrived home from work to be greeted by a “wasteland” caused by the razing of trees along their back fences. Despite many attempts by residents to stop the cutting, or at least to mitigate the effects of Via Rail’s vegetation removal along the rail right-of-way behind their properties, heavy machinery and ground crews moved in Monday morning, removing all trees and shrubs except those few growing within residential property lines.

At a community meeting held at the White Horse on June 2, 2015, Via Rail’s Pamela O’Leary, the official in charge of keeping the right-of-way clear of vegetation, was asked, “Will you only be cutting the dead trees now?”

According to the minutes of that meeting, Ms. O’Leary replied, "No, we will be cutting about 75% of what is remaining. Healthy trees against the fence line will remain.”

A longtime Eastway Gardens resident, Molly-Jo Beauchamp, was hoping the workers would spare the trees that pushed up against her fence and couldn't help but tear up when she watched a backhoe tree cutter level everything, according to a CBC TV news report.

"The birds are gone. The shade is gone. The privacy is gone," said Beauchamp. "And when the trains come by now, they can look right into your home and backyard."

In an email response, Via Rail representative Mariam Diaby told CBC News that the company is required by federal law to remove "dangerous vegetation."

(Read CBC Ottawa’s news report.)

The earthen berm and the MSF security lights are two other issues that have dogged residents.

Sketches of what the berm was supposed to look like—presented to Eastway Gardens residents in May of 2014 at a meeting with the City and the Rideau Transit Group (RTG)—has not materialized, say residents.

A Confederation Line Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) Backgrounder states that the “Rideau Transit Group (RTG) and the City of Ottawa recognize the importance of being a good neighbour by minimizing the impact of construction on adjacent businesses, residences and the natural environment . . . Final landscaping will improve the appearance of the site as well as provide a visual barrier.” (http://ailsoundwalls.com/site/media/ailsoundwalls/Backgrounder.pdf)

Residents say they have a right to be angry. Steve Stringer, another Avenue P homeowner, contends that property values may be affected. There are three homes on the block that are up for sale, and Stringer said his neighbours are worried they won't get their asking price.

Ward 18 City Councillor says that he will be following up with RTG on the landscaping and on the lighting. “I will be following up with Via on the replanting,” Councillor Cloutier assured in an email.


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An Avenue P backyard
in May, 2015

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The same Avenue P backyard
in May, 2016

February 16, 2016 — Eastway Gardens Residents Association President Kim Lamont is pleased to announce that residents are now receiving their neighbourhood news in three ways:
• through this Eastway Gardens website
• through Facebook
• through periodic E-News Bulletins

E-News Bulletins

If you have been receiving emails from Kim, there is nothing you need to do. E-News Bulletins have replaced the emails that you received from Kim. If, however, you have not been receiving emails about neighbourhood issues and events but would like to, then you may sign up to receive them by clicking here. You can also click on our Subscribe buttons throughout this website.

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Join the Eastway Gardens community conversation.

E-News Bulletins

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Newred Reminder: Spring 2016 roadwork at Belfast Road & Tremblay Road

From the Office of City Councillor Jean Cloutier, March 14, 2016

• Over the next few weeks, construction crews will be completing some work on the sidewalk adjacent Belfast & Tremblay. When required, there will be a dedicated flagger on site to direct traffic. The timing of this work may be extended in the case of winter weather events.

• The final paving, landscaping, and road painting of Belfast Road will be completed later this spring.

• Final works along the connector track will also get underway later this spring, including landscaping, grading, and track work/systems installations.

• Over the course of this remaining work, please contact me with any concerns on nearby traffic patterns/operations and construction timelines.
>Read more

Newred Hydro Ottawa to replace poles in Eastway Gardens starting March 7, 2016

February 22, 2016 Hydro Ottawa has announced that starting the week of March 7th, they will be undertaking a project to replace aging hydro poles to improve the reliability of the electrical service in Eastway Gardens . Pole replacement involves excavating and replacing existing poles on streets and in backyards, often including tree trimming.
>Read more (PDF)

Newred Future plans for Eastway Gardens is main focus of City of Ottawa Planning Department presentation

February 17, 2016 Staff from the City of Ottawa Planning Department gave a Power Point presentation to Eastway Gardens residents at a community meeting organized by Councillor Jean Cloutier and held at the White Horse Restaurant on Tremblay Road. In their thorough presentations, two staff Planning Department staff discussed the following:
· Current zoning in and immediately around the Eastway Gardens Community
· Brief explanation of the Development Application Process (in context of the neighbourhood)
· Transit-Oriented Development around Tremblay and St Laurent Stations

Last fall Councillor Cloutier received several requests for a community meeting focused on development and infill in the Eastway Gardens area. The City’s growth management strategy, set out in the Official Plan, includes intensification of development in the urban area over the next 20 years. The Official Plan also notes, however, that introducing new development in existing neighbourhoods that have developed over a long period of time requires a sensitive approach to differences between new development and the established area.

Revisit this website often, as there will be updates posted soon as the result of that meeting.

  • eastwaygardens.org is a nonprofit community website founded by a volunteer neighbourhood group.
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